Defective Drugs and Medical Device Law

Defective drugs (pharmaceuticals) and medical devices can have devastating health effects. Families can be strained if not destroyed by injury, loss of work and even death. If you think you or a loved one has been affected by a defective prescription or medical device, contact the injury lawyers at Robert John and Associates (“RJA”).

The Evansville based attorneys at RJA are privileged to represent individuals harmed by the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. Our team of experienced injury lawyers represents individuals from all over the Tri-State area. Furthermore, our attorneys represent victims with a wide range of injuries against many different companies that manufacture and market defective pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Patients trust their health and safety to the makers of drugs and devices. They rightly expect that medical products have been properly tested and have passed all types of FDA requirements and screenings to make sure they are safe prior to being placed on the market. Unfortunately, for some drugs and products, this is simply not true. All too often we find that the top priority for drug and device makers is profit, not patient health. Rather than readily investigate potential safety problems, they are slow to examine and even slower to admit a device or drug is defective or dangerous. Right now, RJA is investigating the following legal infractions involving:

  • Defective Devices
  • Unsafe Medications
  • Surgically Implanted Medical Devices
  • Retail or Prescribed Devices
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Over the Counter Drugs
  • Surgically or Clinically Administered Drugs

If you have questions concerning a possible defective drug (pharmaceutical) medical or device injury claim, contact the personal injury attorneys at Robert John and Associates.